Hi there! I am Caitlin, and I live with my husband, Josh, and beloved son, Henry, in Sydney. I am convinced there is no way to make a ‘welcome’ post not completely cliché and cringey, but I am going to try anyway. I thought I would write down five things you will have learned about me by the end of this, and hopefully, you come back for another read or shop soon.

This blog came out of a dark time, personally and globally. This blog was born during a tough time, sandwiched in between COVID-19, and a miscarriage. Wow, that was heavy – sorry! I promise it is not a doom and gloom blog, and I hope the title shows that. I wanted to write a blog that women could relate to, feel valued, unique, loved, and heard. My husband said the phrase ‘all eyes up’ when we were tossing around possible names, and it stuck. It stuck because it was so relevant to what we were going through and acted as a daily reminder of where I should be looking to. Not looking back at past mistakes, not looking forward to fretting about the future, but looking up to God and the stars for guidance and peace.

I am a teacher and I love it. Let me say that again – I am a teacher and I LOVE IT. Teaching my primary students is my passion and I feel like work isn’t really work. I have been a teacher for 4 years now, working a mix of casual, part-time and full-time.

I am a mother. I gave birth to Henry in October of 2018, and it has been a wild and wonderful ride. He is perfect, goofy, and totally affectionate.

I love TV. I prefer TV shows over movies. A few of my top favourites are Offspring (I’m definitely a mix of Nina and Billie), Call the Midwife (can you spot the baby theme?), The Office, Friends, Midsomer Murders, and when I feel brave, Handmaid’s Tale.

I married my teenage sweetheart. I met Josh when I was 14, started dating at 15, engaged at 20, married at 21, and then had Henry at 24. Its not always been rainbows and butterflies, but he is still the teenager I met a decade ago to me. He has helped make this blog possible and has also helped me have the confidence to sell my art on apparel. Head to the Henry Paul Apparel tab above to find some totally unique and original designs created by yours truly!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and thank you for stopping by. My blog includes all things I have experienced through motherhood and womanhood so far, and I am hoping you can find something in amongst my feelings and musings that may give you the encouragement you need to remember to look up.

Caitlin x