Maddy’s Story

Tell us 5 things about yourself.

My career is a teacher’s aid but have both primary and early childhood degree (birth to twelve) but have not been in a school for almost three years. I knew from a young age I wanted to have a large family and work with children. All three of my children have gone into special care nursery after birth. I struggled giving up dancing and that part of my life but have found a new love and enjoying being a dance mum and watching from the sidelines. I really struggled with five things about myself, I feel like my identity is my kids now and I don’t have much that is just ‘mine’.

What are your experiences around having children with developmental delays?

Developmental delays come in such a vast spectrum. When I initially thought of developmental delay I never understood that it could rang from mild to sever and how some functions can be effortless and extremely hard.

What common challenges have you faced in raising kids with developmental delays?

The tedious of repetition and of the smallest thing. The constant explanation to people around us of his behaviour and why some of his reactions, behaviour and language may differ then form other children their age.

Tell us about tube feeding – this is something not talked about much.

It can be quite confronting at first but once used to it quiet easy. Common miss conception is the child is ‘sick’ but there is a wide variety of reasons. Including struggling to gain and maintain weight, bowl issues or safe eating and drinking. Over time these could be resolved with therapy but other times the tube will remain permanent.

What advice would you give other parents who are learning about their own child’s delays?

Remembering to celebrate the small wins and each child develops at their own rate, try not to compare and never be afraid to ask for help.